Why I run: Part II


The weather has turned from glorious, warm, and sunny to what is commonly referred to “Portland” weather: grey, cloudy, damp, and dreary.  Yet, somehow, through the dark, blue-hazed drizzle, beauty still appears…


This morning’s run took me up to Forest Park, and I had the tremendously good fortune of meeting up with another runner on my way up the long, slow hill to the park.  His stride was short and quick, and he was friendly enough to chat with me the whole way up – I am grateful for running into this kind, running-enthusiast as I do believe I would have taken that hill much easier (on a pace day) than I did with the companionship.  Thank you to my short-term stranger friend!

Hobbit house? Love old buildings of brick….
Sun beams lighting the path.
Sun beams lighting the path.


A little coffee, a little red and a little turquoise. It’s all about the shoes. 

The best thing to do when it looks like the sky is about to open up and to begin pouring when you need to get your workout in: go for a run.  Get out before the  rain discourages you.  It really does feel quite lovely and refreshing, and there is nothing quite as much fun that takes you back to childhood like splashing through puddles!

Happy Puddle Jumping!  😉

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